A little about myself

My list doesn’t define me anymore.

Many of us carry some injuries or conditions in our bodies. It doesn’t matter how old we are. What matters is if we let those injuries and/or conditions manage us. So what? We are not perfect. I know I am not. I have a long list of injuries and problems that I carry around with me. 

I used to hold onto this list religiously; it defined what I did or didn’t do or whether I’ll ever do it. I had many excuses for not doing it and I can help you find yours. My name was Inbal “Avoidance” Worcel.
I avoided everything and dealt with nothing.

My first significant injury was rupturing a ligament in my right ankle when I was 13. No surgery was requierd, only a cast for six weeks.  Unfourtunately I didn't have physical therapy, which triggered future issues and spraining my right ankle many times. In 2008, I twisted my ankle and broke my Fibula and had a cast for six weeks again. 

I also had weak and sensitive wrists, Vertigo, and Herniated Disc since the age of 19 which led to  Herniated Disc Discectomy in 2009 (when I was 32). 

But above all, I crushed my right leg while lifting the laundry basket. I have been taken to the hospital by an ambulance, Tibia was broken in half, and Fibula entirely crushed, and the heel joint was fractured. I ended up having surgery, Intramedullary nailing (Metal inserted into the Tibia canal and screws holding this whole thing in the ankle and knee), and spent four and a half months in a wheelchair. I had to learn how to walk again using crutches and, later, discarded them. 

So, I guess we all have something going on.  But, it all depends if you let it defines your life. I didn't. 

Pilates, was my choice.
I did Pilates to strengthen my body, improve my joints' range of motion, and became more flexible, balanced and centered. Now I know how to use my body and move more efficiently, and have more endurance than before. There always will be movements that I will never be able to do. However, with an understanding of physical limitations, Pilates taught me how to work with my body and how to get better each and every time step by step. I am embracing the changes I see in my body, not fighting them anymore. I can manage my body, conditions, and injuries for the first time.