Kathryn Kellogg

I have been taking virtual Pilates classes with Inbal for a few months now and I absolutely love her and her classes. Each and every class is different from the next to really keep us engage. Even over zoom she has a great eye for correcting our form. I can't wait to continue my journey with her!

Maria Rumasuglia

I started Pilates with Inbal a little over a month ago and I have loved working with her. She incorporates different exercises and equipment each session so I never feel like I’m doing the same thing over and over. She listens to feedback and takes great care in making sure I’m doing movements that feel right to my body. She’s very knowledgeable. I feel challenged each week and leave feeling strong both mentally and physically!  I love it!!

Christine Hun

I don’t love exercise but I love working with Inbal. She is thoughtful and caring in her approach and tailors her routines to the individual even in a group setting (including those with physical limitations). She does all this while still challenging and inspiring me. What can I say? She is a joy to work with!

Marcy Glatky

I have been practicing Pilates with Inbal for 4 years and finally found my happy

place in fitness after spending such a long time trying out different gyms, studios and exercise programs. Inbal is incredibly knowledgeable about the body and how to teach to every body and level. Pilates is her passion and she is in this field to really inspire and help people find their strength and flexibility. She is a kind and genuine person who cares about people and their well being and has a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere without judgement (which is hard to find!)

Chris Gerath

Inbal is an outstanding instructor.  She listens to clients carefully and makes sure of existing capabilities and goals when designing a plan.  Her broad Pilates education enables her to focus on exactly the target issues.  I am very pleased with my experiences!

Cheryl McGivern

I have been taking Pilates with Inbal since September and couldn't be happier.  She manages to keep the classes engaging and challenging so they don't get boring.  Inbal is a wonderful instructor and I look forward to each and every class.

Debbie Halloran

Great class, great teacher!

Michal Pe'er

Inbal’s studio is beautiful and full of light. She explains well and attentive to details. Highly recommended!


Inbal is a delightful knowledgeable Pilates teacher.  She is dedicated to providing safe and adaptable exercises for all ages and abilities. Reading Inbal's story and seeing the strength and flexibility her body has now is a powerful testimony to Pilate's exercises. From the reformer to the mat classes Pilates is a great way to build the balance and strength needed for all aspects of life. I am looking forward to a class in her new studio :)

orna kozokaro

אני משתתפת בשיעורי פילאטיס של ענבל מזה כמה חודשים, אני  מאותגרת, מתחזקת ונהנת מכל שיעור.  ענבל כל כך מקצועית ונעימה  והיא קשובה מאוד ליכולות שלי, הקבוצה קטנה ונחמדה , אין שיעור שדומה לקודמו ומערכת השעות מאפשרת ונוחה לי .

תודה ענבל על חווית אימון נפלאה!

(Translated by Google)

I have been participating in Inbal's Pilates classes for several months, I am challenged, strengthened and enjoy every class. Inbal is so professional and pleasant and she is very attentive to my abilities, the group is small and nice, there is no class that is similar to the previous one and the schedule allows and is convenient for me.

Thank you Inbal for a wonderful training experience!

שונית קדם נימצן

לכל מי שרוצה חוויית אימון נפלאה- ענבל היא המאמנת שלכן!

מעולם לא התנסיתי בפילאטיס קודם לכן, והיה לי חשש להתחיל, בטח בזום, אבל ענבל הכניסה אותי לעניין במקצועיות רבה. עם תשומת לב קפדנית והדרכה צמודה, מהר מאוד נכנסתי לעניינים, והבונוס- ענבל בעלת אישיות תוססת ומיוחדת, והאימונים מהנים וכיפים. תהנו!!


(Translated by Google)

For anyone who wants a wonderful training experience - Inbal is your trainer!

I had never tried Pilates before, and I was afraid to start, probably with Zoom, but Inbal introduced me to it very professionally. With careful attention and close guidance, I quickly got down to business, and the bonus - Inbal has a lively and special personality, and the training sessions are fun and enjoyable. Enjoy!!